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Instruction and Training

       A quick summary . . .

Basic lessons 
Students acquire balance and control. They also learn horse safety, basic horse care taking and an appreciation for the nature of the horse. Lessons may be given on a school horse or on the student’s horse.

Dressage lessons
Students improve their seat, aids, knowledge, confidence and technical skills as they advance their horses through the Training Scale and levels. They also develop the analytic skills that are fundamental to successful riding and training. Dressage lessons usually are given on the student’s horse, but Sandcastle horses also are available.

Instruction for riders in other disciplines
Students and their horses improve their balance, body control, and communication for better and obedient performance. They also learn analytical skills that will help them stay on track between lessons.

The initial lesson begins with an evaluation of horse, rider, tack, goals, needs, fitness, etc. The evaluation is shared with the student along with a plan for progress and success.

Off-site students and activities
We accept ship-in lessons.
We provide lessons at various sites in southeast Michigan and northern Ohio.
We coach at area shows, recognized and schooling.
We will conduct clinics at your site.

Sandcastle provides horse-focused training that is individualized for each horse. Ground work, lunging, in hand, and gymnastic training under saddle are incorporated to help the horse progress in a relaxed and confident manner. Training may focus on the continuing development of the horse, on preparation for showing, or on specific training problems.

Sandcastle has experience and a record of success with horses of all ages, dispositions, disciplines, and “problems”. We prefer to train horse and rider together, but we do take horses in training for owners or riders who are unable to participate.  A variety of training options  are available.

Provide a video of your competition ride or a 15 minute training session.  We will provide an analysis and riding/training suggestions.  Contact us for more information.

Fee summary

Instruction starts at $60 per individual private lesson
Additional charges for mileage
Pre-booked, multi-lesson packages available

Use of school horse $10

Half lease horses are available

Training packages start at $1000/mo. Individual training rides: $60.

Board $500 for full service care plus training or instruction.  Co-op available.

Individual coaching at shows $60 plus mileage fee. Show packages start at $900.

Shipping starts at $2 per loaded mile



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