About Us

"...nothing equals the thrill of riding
in perfect harmony with my horse"

Sandcastle Farm is owned by Alice Preketes who has
ridden since childhood. A successful competitor, instructor,
trainer, and breeder of Trakehner horses, she directs the
program and oversees the individual plan for each horse
and rider.

Alice has studied with many well-regarded trainers from
Europe and the United States. For 10 years she served
on the planning committee for the USDF Violet Hopkins
Dressage Instructors’ Seminars. She also is a student of
sports psychology, learning styles, personality types, and
similar methodologies that allow each horse and each rider
to progress according to individual needs.

She has synthesized what she has learned into a logical
program that helps riders improve their balance, their aids,
their feel, their understanding, and subsequently their ability
to work with the horse. Under her direction, horses become
relaxed, balanced and supple and develop their full potential.
This is accomplished in a positive environment of patience 
and respect for horse and rider.
Sandcastle Farm, 6300 Crane Rd., Ypsilanti, MI  48197    :    734-572-9806     :     sandcastlefarm@comcast.net